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Is saving for retirement on your summer to-do list?

With social distancing restrictions lifted across the country, the summer of 2021 promises to be a season worth celebrating. What’s on your summer to-do list? Whatever you have planned, make sure you add save for retirement to the list. Studies show that more than one-half of American households do not save enough to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living.¹ What do you think you'll need to live on during retirement? Click HERE to contact a Lincoln Investment financial professional to explore your options.

¹Center for Retirement Research at Boston College; http://crr.bc.edu/special-projects/national-retirement-risk-index/

Diversity & Inclusion at Lincoln Investment

We're proud to foster a company culture where every voice is welcome and respected. All employees participate in activities designed to review our current practices and evaluate opportunities for improvement to create the most inclusive employee experience. We take this role seriously, and will use the data gathered to drive a broader action plan dedicated to supporting the inclusive culture that we have built and intend to build upon so all employees can feel safe, seen and equally valued.

Relax. A financial professional is ready to help.

Many investors try to manage their own finances without professional help. If you aren’t with a financial professional, you may be putting your financial future at risk. A financial professional can help you define your goals, guide you through the entire planning process, determine your risk comfort level and much more. To find a Lincoln Investment financial professional in your area, click HERE.


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